PREMIERE: Old Abram Brown - My Show

These fellas reached out to me be a part of their ‘Blog Tour’, and I was honored take part. A bunch of my colleagues and I agreed to help to showcase their admittedly solid talent as songwriters and performers, posting a new vid each week as they hop around the web. Peep this beautiful footage of them playing in their local Hunt Memorial Library in Nashua, New Hampshire - certainly a fitting backdrop for a band of history geeks who write American songs with an indie folk bent. 

Pick up their brand new Restless Ghosts LP in multiple formats right here.

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WABI - SABI: A project by verb/re/verb

Wabi - Sabi is the Japanese concept surrounding transience. It describes the beauty of imperfection, asymmetry, impermanence. Wabi - Sabi is the beauty of decay. This project, is about the same. It is meant to depict the elegance in decay, the artistry in revitalization, and the reinvention of deterioration. For this project, I asked 5 electronic based artists to cover older non-electronic songs. The songs were then sent to the prolific videographers, Wooden Lens, who took 30 seconds of each track and paired each track with archival footage from the same year of the original composition of the song. In the video, the songs go chronologically from the oldest original release date to the most recent. A brief encompass of history in video, in technology, and in the exquisiteness in transience. While the video only includes 30 seconds from each song, the tracks in there entirety are available for download here.


1) Pressed And - Can the Circle be Unbroken (The Carter Family)

2) WHITE HORSE - S.H.O.U.T. (Boswell Sisters)

3) Galapagos - Earth Angel (The Temptations)

4) Ghilbi - Little Bitty Pretty One (Thurston Harris)

5) Option Command - You and I (Stevie Wonder)

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